Bus transport 1 July 2023

For our guests of the Historical Summer Weekend 2023, we managed to arrange bus transport between Vorden center and Hackfort Castle for Saturday 1 July. This bus will stop at Hotel Bakker and Hotel De gravin van Vorden.

Please note: this can only take place when there are enough registrations, so read on if you want to make use of this option.

With sufficient registrations, the bus will run at the following times:

Return 1 (€12.50 p.p.):

12.15 pm departure from Hotel Bakker/De Gravin van Vorden to Hackfort

3.15 pm Departure from Hackfort to hotels/Vorden center

Return 2 (€12.50 p.p.):

6.30 pm departure from hotels/Vorden center to Hackfort

24.00 departure from Hackfort to hotels

Register before June 19

You can register for one or both returns. We would like to know if you would like to make use of this option. Please complete the form below by Sunday 18 June. As soon as there are enough registrations, you will receive a payment link from us for payment. If there are not enough registrations, we will also let you know quickly, so that you can arrange other transport if necessary.

Voor welk(e) tijdstip(pen) wil je busvervoer op zaterdag 1 juli?

For which time(s) do you want bus transportation on Saturday 1 July?

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