Historic Ball 2012

The ball of the Duchess of Richmond

In 1815 on the eve of the battle of Quatre Bras, the Duchess of Richmond and the ladies of society Revérence held a grand ball that would be unparalleled in history. All of the allied commanders, diplomats and dignitaries are present. But are the rumours true? Are the troops summoned to march at sunrise to fight against Napoleon? Before the gentlemen say their last goodbyes, the ladies seize the opportunity to whirl across the ball room floor with their husbands, lovers and brothers once more. Only God knows who will return from the battlefield alive…

Saturday November 24th 2012

Historic ball

Castle Wijenburg, Echteld (the Netherlands)

19.00 – 24.00 hours

Many guests went back in time together with society Revérence to visit the duchess of Richmond’s ball. It was an evening full of dance, music, entertainment and amusement in a beautiful location with a great atmosphere.

Tickets for the historic ball and the dance workshop were sold out quickly. The ladies of society Revérence loved welcoming the many guests and hope you will come too/again next year!