Historic Dinner and Ball 2014

bal-2014November 8th 1806, it is just a few months ago that Hortense de Beauharnais, the new Queen of Holland, set foot on Dutch soil. De gentle and kind Hortense is determined to get to know the people of her new homeland and organises a grand court ball. Emperor Napoleon’s charming stepdaughter knows how to entertain her guests. She is a virtuoso dancer, a gifted artist and talented composer with an excellent voice. Her ball promises to be the acme of art and fashion. The Dutch elite are looking forward to meet their new queen. They hope to catch a glimpse of the splendour that the French court is accustomed to. But not everybody is pleased with the French rule. Will Hortense be able to win the hearts of the people of the Low Countries with her charm and modesty?

Ladies, take your most beautiful ball gown out of the closet. Gentlemen, make sure that your cravats are starched. It is time to dance! Stichting Revérence in cooperation with Beleef het Verleden will organize a historic ball with supper on November 8th 2014. On this day Hodshon’s House in Haarlem will be the stage of a royal ball with imperial features; a majestic dance evening with a touch of Dutch modesty and a dash of French grandeur.

You are cordially invited to dinner in the beautiful state-rooms of the neoclassical Hodshon house. Just before attending the ball Beleef het Verleden will present you a dinner in the style of two hundred years ago. As is a custom at this time, you will be served with a ‘service à la française’, presenting you a great variety of dishes at the table. Dinner will be served with wine and water, and dessert will be served with port. Servants will cater your wishes, according to the etiquette of the time, which means they will be indispensable, yet as invisible as possible. Experience this evening with the glory of the past!

Saturday 8 november 2014

Historic dinner and ball

Location: Hodshon Huis, Spaarne 17, Haarlem

Start dinner: 17.30 uur

Start ball: 19.30 uur

Price: € 64,50 (ball only) / € 129 (dinner + ball)

Dress code: empire/regency

Would you like to part of the select company who will attend this ball? You can purchase a ticket in our web shop.