Historic Summer Weekend Vorden

The families who had been back in town for the winter came back again, and Summer finery and Summer engagements rose (Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice, chapter 42)

The ladies of Stichting Revérence invite you to the historic ball ‘Upon a Summer’s day’ at Hackfort Hackfort in Vorden on Saturday, July 1st.  This ball is part of our historic summer weekend which will take place from 30 June up to 2 July 2023. Read more about the ticket sales below.

The ball proceeded pleasantly. The anxious cares, the incessant attentions of Mrs. Weston, were not thrown away. Every body seemed happy; and the praise of being a delightful ball, which is seldom bestowed till after a ball has ceased to be, was repeatedly given in the very beginning of the existence of this. (Jane Austen, Emma, chapter 38)

The programme of our Historic Summer Weekend 2023

Friday 30 June

  • 19.00 uur, dinner Hotel BakkerSaturday 1 July
  • 10.30-12.00 Archery at Hackfort Castle
  • 12.30-13.15 Lunch at Hackfort Castle
  • 13.15-15.15 Dance workshop at Hackfort Castle
  • 19.00-24.00 Ball ‘Upon a Summer’s Day’

Sunday 2 July

  • 10.30-12.00 Fencing at Hackfort Castle
  • 10.30-14.00 Sidesaddle riding/demonstration dressage
  • 10.30-14.00 Wooden balance bike/draisine demonstration and trying out “cycling” yourself
  • 10.00-11.00 Carriage ride in the vicinity of Vorden
  • 11.15-12.15 Carriage ride in the vicinity of Vorden
  • 12.45-13.45 Carriage ride in the vicinity of Vorden
  • 14.00-15.30 High Tea at Hackfort Castle

Information about the activities

Friday 19.00: Dinner in Hotel Bakker
There is the possibility to dine with the ladies of Stiching Revérence at Hotel Bakker in Vorden. This renowned hotel offers a delicious four course dinner in the cosy Hunting Room of Living Room (you can choose from three different menu options). The price of the four course dinner is € 48,50. Drinks are not included. Tickets are available in our web shop.


    • Trio of fish;
      smoked salmon, rilette of mackerel and IJsselmeer eel
      Carpaccio of thinly sliced tenderloin
      Fresh salad with warm goat cheese


    • Saffron risotto with prawns (also vegetarian possible)


    • Skin-fried sea bass accompanied by a lobster gravy
    • Or
      Veal Rib Eye with homemade herb butter
      Steak from young Reebok from the Achterhoek
      Summer pasta with grilled vegetables

    All dishes are served with a matching vegetable and potato garnish.


    • Siberian omelet
      served with a sauce of hot cherries


    Saturday morning 10.30-12.00: Archery at Hackfort Castle.

    Under the guidance of Marc-Phillip Draaijer (Duelleren.nl) we go archery, no experience needed, historical outfit desired. Tickets are for sale in our webshop for €15,- p.p.

    Saturday afternoon, 12.30-13.15: Lunch at Hackfort Castle.

    Tickets are for sale in our webshop for € 14.50 p.p.

    Saturday afternoon, 13.15-15.15: Dance workshop castle Hackfort

    Tickets are for sale in our webshop for €15,- p.p., including 1 drink.
    To participate in the ball, historical dance experience is not required. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and the more experienced dancers.

    Saturday evening, 19.00-24.00: Ball Upon a Summer’s day
    The ladies of Stichting Revérence will welcome their guests at 19.00 p.m. At the start of the ball we will serve tea, coffee and a sweet snack. Drinks (soft drinks, beer, wine) are available all evening free of charge. Small appetizers will be served during the evening.
    The ticket price for the historic ball is €115,-. Tickets can be purchased in our webshop.
    Purchased tickets cannot be returned. When ticket sales prove not to be sufficient Stichting Reverence reserves the right to cancel the activity in question. In this case, the purchase money will be refunded. This year we will welcome Sally Petchey as our new dance instructor. Sally lives in the UK. She is also the regular caller for The Hampshire Regency Dancers. Orchestra ‘Sospiri Ardente’ will provide us with live music.
    “There were twenty Dances & I danced them all, & without any fatigue. . . . I fancy I could just as well dance for a week together as for half an hour.” (Jane Austen-letter to Cassandra, 24 December 1798).

    Sunday morning, 10.30-12.00: Fencing at Hackfort Castle

    Under the guidance of Marc-Phillip Draaijer (Duelleren.nl) we go fencing, no experience needed, historical outfit desired. Tickets are for sale in our webshop for €15,- p.p.

    Sunday morning/afternoon, 10.30-14.00: Ladies saddle horse riding/demonstration dressage

    The riders of Stichting Historische Rijkunst (www.historischerijkunst.nl) provide a demonstration of historical dressage. They take you on time travel in a women’s saddle, from the courteous riding art of the Wig era to the circus dressage in the late Victorian period. Before and after the demonstration you can experience driving in women’s saddle yourself and we make a small round in front of the castle. Tickets are for sale in our webshop for €10,- p.p., including professional digital photo.

    Demonstration dressage: 12.15-12.30. Free

    Sunday morning/afternoon, 10.30-14.00: Wooden balance bike/draisine demonstration and self “cycling”. Free

    Sunday morning/afternoon, 10.00-11/11.15-12.15/12.45-13.45: Carriage ride in the vicinity of Hackfort Castle.

    Historical outfit desired. Tickets are for sale in our webshop for €20,- p.p. per carriage ride

    Sunday afternoon, 14.00- 15.30: High Tea castle Hackfort

    At the end of our ball weekend you can enjoy a delicious high tea, including various small sweet and savoury bites and unlimited tea. Tickets are for sale in our webshop for €24,50 p.p.


    We sincerely hope to welcome you to our historic summer weekend in 2023!

    About Hackfort Castle

    Hackfort Castle dates back from the 13th century. In 1788 Baron Borchard Frederick Willem Westerholt transformed the house into an 18th century country house. A few years ago Hackfort Castle was renovated. The adjacent coach house, watermill and the surrounding estate are the perfect location for a summer ball with indoor and outdoor activities.

    Spend the night in Vorden

    From Friday, June 30th up to Sunday morning July 1st all the rooms in Hotel Bakker are reserved for Stichting Revérence (a hotel room for 2 persons, including regional breakfast costs € 125,-. For 1 person € 82,50.) There is no discount on the hotel rooms on Sunday, July 2nd.
    If you would also like to stay on Sunday night, Hotel Bakker will charge you extra. You can contact Hotel Bakker directly to make a reservation for your stay: 0575-551312, https://www.bakkerinvorden.nl. Don’t forget to mention that you are a guest of Stichting Revérence.