The Hunting Party (Eng.)


Vorden, March 12, 1816
“The moment it grew dusky, the hunting horn sounded on the estate. The guns silenced; the hunt was over. The result was good: 12 pheasants, 53 pigeons, 3 woodcocks en 9 grouses. Tired but contented the party of hunters returned to the castle, where the pig was turning on the spit and the duck confit waiting in the oven.  Dinner was served directly. When the bellies were full and the wine glasses empty, the guests started dancing. And the ladies & gents danced until the dawn announced that a new day had begun.”

Excerpt from the gamekeeper’s diary

Zaterdag 12 maart 2016
The Hunting Party

Location: Kasteel Vorden, De Horsterkamp 8-14, 7251 AZ Vorden
Dresscode: Empire/regency

The hunting season has started! All the ladies and gentlemen of high society have retreated to their country seats. During the day they are busy hunting, but they also like some entertainment in the evening. Therefore Stichting Revérence invites all their friends and acquaintances to their hunting party at Castle Vorden on March 12th, 2016. After a day of shooting on the estate or a carriage ride through the country, the selected party of friends will retreat to the cosy dining room of castle Vorden to enjoy an exquisite dinner. Of course this house party would not be complete without dancing. So after the dinner the furniture is pushed aside so that the guests can have a go on the dance floor.

Here you can read more about shooting parties and hunt balls in the 19th century.


10.15 – 12.30 uur      Carriage ride & visit to the watermill in Hackfort
12.30 – 13.30 uur      Lunch in the Hunting Room at Hotel Bakker
14.00 – 16.00 uur      Driven game shooting on the estate (clay-pigeon shooting)
18.30 – 23.30 uur      Dinner & house party at castle Vorden

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